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    Daily Fees


St. Andrew’s Valley offers a flexible fee schedule to meet the diverse needs of today’s golfer. Whether you’re an occasional player or an avid golfer who can’t get enough, there is a perfect package for you. Fees vary depending on the time of day you play. While walking is feasible, you may wish to take a power car the first time you play the course.

Fall Rates Now In Effect

Weekdays $59

Weekends $69

HST additional. Powercar optional & additional.

Daily Fees
Prime Time $99 Weekends and Holidays Until Noon
Prime Time Weekdays $89 Until Noon
Everyday Past Noon $69 Noon to Twilight Everyday
Twilight $59 5 Hours Before Sunset
Evening $39 3 Hours Before Sunset
Power Car Optional $19 Per Rider
Online Daily Fees
Prime Time Weekend Until Noon $89 Optional Car Add 19.00 /Rider
Prime Time Weekday Until Noon $79 Optional Car Add 19.00 /Rider
Everyday Past Noon (Advantage) $59 Optional Car Add 19.00 /Rider
Twilight (5 Hours Before Sunset) $54 Optional Car Add 19.00 /Rider
Evening (3 Hours Before Sunset) $34 Optional Car Add 12.00 /Rider
Special Fees
Junior $59 19 Or Under Anytime
Seniors $69 60+ Mon - Thurs Before 10am Includes Shared Power Car (Excluding Holidays)
Driving Range
1 Large Basket $10.62  
10 Large Baskets $95 $9.50 / Basket
20 Large Baskets $175 $ 8.75 / Basket
50 Large Baskets $375 $7.50 / Basket

Please note that the range closes approximately 3 hours before sunset on Wednesdays and Sundays for scheduled maintenance.

HST additional.