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What makes our Greens so popular?

We all know that half the game is played on the putting green so we work very hard at the Valley to make sure that your putts roll fast and true. This year, after a difficult start, we have made a point of making sure you have the best greens possible and we have added some exciting tools to our arsenal to make sure you get the best:

Last year we added a PGA tournament greens roller. This special riding greens roller is used several times a week on our greens and flattens out the smallest imperfections so your putts stay on line especially on the last few feet when the ball speed is winding down and, hopefully, finding the bottom of the cup. The Stimpmeter is used to measure greens speed and we usually came in at around 9+. With the addition of the PGA roller we have easily added 1 or 2 feet to our Stimpmeter readings.

As well we purchased 5 Toro Flex greens mowers. This is a return to the old style of walking greensmowers which you will find at St. Georges and other distinguished clubs. In fact several of these mowers were used to prepare St. Georges for the Open last year. These mowers are lighter and more accurate that the modern riding triplexes used by your average course.

In addition to weekly sand topdressing and daily spot irrigation, we  added a micro plug tool to help our dedicated course setter, Brian, repair any ball marks that are not healing as they should. This new tool removes a small plug about the size of a toonie. Brian replaces it with new turf whenever an old ball mark is too close to the pin placement of the day.

In the end its all about giving you the best putting surface we can. I know you will enjoy the improvements this year and I am confident you’ll shave a few putts off your score.

See you on the greens
Kind regards
David Nisbet
Managing Partner